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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

National Single Parenting Day!


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  Hello everyone!  We are not dropping a Tip today but letting everyone know today National Single Parenting Day! I am however remarried but for many years I was a single parent and want to reach out to everyone because every year more come up.

     There were a few tough years Quinn and I made it work and we had fun doing it.  We went out and created adventures!  There were times when I found my self alone in my house just wondering how bad it was or how quiet it was.  However we came around and if you know any single parents out there just see how they are doing.  I don't plan on making this post very long just saying there are so many out there and being a single parent is hard, very hard...  So send them a TXT or a call and see how they are doing.  You never know you maybe the one that goes over and just gives them some time which is something they just need...

    To all the single parents out there, take one day at a time! Go slow and just relax, spend time with your kids, spend time just alone with some thought or a good book.  Remember if you love your kids they will absolutely love you back.   This also goes out to other family members or friends who are there because the parents can't be there.  Remember being a parent isn't just giving life its raising it...

There are a lot of single parents out there and unless you have even been one you have no idea the struggles they go though.  Lots of love to the single parents, and to the people in their lives helping them grow.

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


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