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Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend!

     I wanted to wish everyone a happy Memorial Day and hope everyone had a great weekend.  Always remember those who game their lives to protect us and others.  Memorial day isn't just a day or weekend to get together and eat.  It's to remember all those who served and gave the ultimate sacrifice.

     We picked up Quinn Friday and headed over to some friends for dinner and just hanging out.  Quinn was so good she played, and just was a great kid.  Saturday we had some family over and had some dinner and again just took it easy.  Quinn was on meds per a small ear infection that was trying to grow, but we stopped it!

     We spend the rest of the weekend visiting other friends and family as well.  We even had a christening Sunday Morning which she again was so good at!  It honestly was such a busy weekend this post would be pages long.  I wanted to keep it short for anyone honestly still getting this and know we will be posting more and getting back on track!  I posted a lot before and wanted a break, now I don't post much at all!  So I really wanna get back into helping parents and talking about our adventures.

     Quinn really is having a great year, she is almost done with Softball, yes she plays now!  I know I am so behind I'm so sorry!!!  You probably think she is in college by now.  No, she's still a Kid...  I just wanted to say I am here and will be posting more regularly as well as reading more of the post and blogs I love.  

     I hope you all had a great Memorial Day and again I will be in touch sooner!!!  

Always Remember,

You are Never Alone...


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