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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Let's go Bowling!

Sunday December 26th came and I just hung out.

I got some stuff done around the house and then I got a visitor.  Kyle came to see me.  It was nice to see him it's been a while, I got to show him the house and we chatted it up for a while.  It was really nice to just sit and hang out like old times.  He's doing really well down south in NC.

After he left my buddy paul called me to come over and have dinner.  I went over around 5 and then soon after Jimbos came to.  We had a great time talking about the good old days and how we got in trouble as kids.  After dinner we headed out and went bowling!

Every year we go bowling.  Well we may have missed a couple but we have been good about going.  Knowing monday was a work day I just pushed on!  We all went to empire lanes and had such a good time.  Of course my first game was great, then it went down hill...

Of course there was betting...

Marisa ended up beating me 2 out of 3 games! Glad we didn't bet!

Steve and Marisa, Brother and Sister blowing side by side!

Marisa showing Fernando the ropes!

Andrew Chillin

Steven wore his classic Juice shirt

Then came the scratchers!!!  About one game in Paul and Jim bought tickets and started winning.  Well by the time the night was over NY State should have been out of debt!!!! They scratched more than they bowled!!!  It got to the point were we had a scratching rule and bowled for them if they didn't get to the lane!

See what I mean

 Rob, Andrew and Paul, i can't believe Paul's not buying more tickets!!! 
We had a blast in the end, Paul and Jim almost cleaned out the machine!!!

Me Jim and Paul!

 Paul and our friend Rose

Andrew and I.  I don't get to see him much but when we hang out we have a blast.  His family host a party every christmas eve but i had to miss it this year...

In the end we had a blast.  Had some drinks did some bowling, after we went to hots and got a plate.  The next day was tough but i got by.  A tough day at work is well worth it.  Seeing my friends made a great couple days!

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