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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day!

Christmas day arrived!  Quinn had a good night she woke up a couple times but other than that we did well.  We got downstairs and had some gifts.  
More gifts to open!

Quinn and Daddy!

After the gifts I brought Quinn over to Brooke's house.  I stopped over my parents and visited them, Kenny came over for a little and we just hung out there.  After I stopped over at my church for a minute to just relax.  Something about a quiet church always makes me feel at peace.  I wasn't able to go to the services the other night.  After a little peace and quiet i went to some church friends house and hung out.  

I went home and took a quick nap.  Kevin called me over.  I stopped over and visited him and Ashley.  Kevman and I hung out in the basement shooting darts having some beers and just catching up.  We went upstairs and played some Wii.  Ashley's sister stopped over and then her dad and brother.  We ended up playing the old school Mario brothers games.  It was a lot of fun.  Kevman cooked up some pizza logs and the night was a blast!  

I left and headed to my next event.  I went over to one of my best friends house.  Jim's family and my family have been good friends since we moved in years and years ago.  Every christmas we stop over and hang out.  The house was full of people.  We played cards and watched TV.   After some good pics I headed out and went home to bed.  It was a great night I don't get to see Jim and his family often so when I do i usually give up sleep to see them more...

Fernando, Marisa and I.  I've known Marisa for a long time, she's been a sister to me.  Her boyfriend Fernando is one of the nicest guy's i've ever met.  We always have so much fun when we all hang out.

Just hanging out with my VBFF Jimbos

The month was long and christmas came up fast.  Over all my first time being in a house alone wasn't to bad.  I got to spend it with family and friends.  

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