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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ken's Birthday!!!

The following blog was for the weekend of 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

    My brothers b-day is June 27th.  We celebrated this weekend.  I picked up Quinn and off to dinner we were!  We went to bayside but it was an hour and 40 Min wait!  So we went to the nutcracker.  Little fish fry and chicken fingers.  The Nutcracker is a little place i've been going to for years.  They have good food and low prices.  The staff is really good and the scene is relaxed.

    We got a salad first and Quinn loved the chick peas!!!  She ate them all up i had to bring some home.  After we just went home and relaxed and went to bed.

    Saturday we got up and went to the public market!  I have a friend named Hughey that comes to Lowe's to buy some stuff.  He's been coming in for years a very nice guy.  He's Vietnamese and cooks great food.  We stopped in so he could meet Quinn.  He gave us a smoothie and some chicken.  It was wonderful.  Next time i have to go earl it gets busy fast!  I haven't gone in years and it was a good time they have a lot of stuff there and I would love to go again.

    We took a trip to Best Buy and I got a external hard drive.  It was a good little get a way and Quinn had fun.  We also picked up Ken's B-Day gift.  I got him season one and two of Tales from the Crypt.  I knew he would love it.

    That day we took a nap then chilled outside!  Vinny came over and he hung out with us!  We hung out on the front porch.  We had some drinks and our snack and hung with Uncle Vinny!  After we went to Empire Hots and got our first Trash Plate.  Then Kelly came over!!!  Yea!!!  Kelly is in from Cali for the week.  Our friend is getting married next weekend.  She's in the wedding and took the week to see family and me!  She came over and saw the house and Quinn.  We had fun she could only stay a little bit but it was good to see her.  I haven't seen Kelly since Kyle's wedding.

    After Kelly left I put Quinn to bed and relaxed and went to bed my self i was tired!  Sunday we got up and slept in.  We just relaxed that morning and had some breakfast.  After nap we had a bath and off to my parents for my brothers b-day.  It was nice we grilled out and played inside.  It was a hot weekend!  After dinner and pie we pretty much cleaned up and left.

    It was a good weekend and tomorrow was the 4th!  I woke up and that morning and went outside to start working on the yard.  My mom and dad and brother came over.  We racked and dug and my brother brought some tools from work.  We got the yard cleared and tilled it was a lot of work I had to leave early to go to work but my parents and brother stayed.  It was really cool of them.

    After work I stopped over their house to say hi.  We went next door to Tim's house and enjoyed a fire and a beer and cigar.  I left so tired i couldn't wait to crash.  The weekend was really fun I can't wait for the next one with Quinn.  The summer is getting hotter but its not bad.  I'm trying to keep the house cool but some nights are better than others.  Quinn's room is pretty good i have a window fan and that really helps.  
Enjoy the pics!

I love chickpea's Dinner at the Nutcracker!

We went to the Market!

Vinny came over to hang out!

We hung out on the porch

Just chillin

Jumping on Uncle Vinny

Hanging out in his truck

Kelly was in town!

Hey Aunt Kelly!

The 3 of us!

Plank North School

Here i go!

I am tired...

Happy Birthday Uncle Kenny!

Here you go, happy birthday!!

Time to run around.

Having fun with my uncle.

Just goofin off...

We worked on the yard the next day!

Lost of roots to pull.

Mom raking up

My brother came with the big guns.

His super tiller!

He got started and made great progress.

He was making great progress

There was so much stuff to pull.

Freakin roots

Did i mention there was lots to pull?

Finally making progress.

The weekend was great.  Tiring but we got a lot done.   I hope you enjoy the pics and leave some messages if you like.  I hope all is well, Quinn is growing up so fast and she is such a good little girl.  She makes everything so wonderful no matter how hard or tiring the day is...  Talk to you soon!

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