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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The East Rochester Carnival!

The following blog post is for 07/20/2011.

I picked up Quinn and we went to get Aunt Ro.  We went and got some dinner at Friendy's.  After we went to the Fair.  It was a great night, she opened up after a ride or two.  We went on some rides played some games then saw the band.  We had some funnel cake and played more games, some more rides and we took off.  We had 2 fairs this month and a balloon rally!  What a month, this weekend is going to be great i have a lot planned and can't wait!

We had some dinner to get ready!

Then we were off to play.

Here we go.

Playing some games...

Here we are!

There was a great show.

Aunt Ro, Daddy and I.

More funnel cake!  Sure!!!!

Dancing time.

More rides!

Some of our prizes!

We had a great night and the summer is going so well.  The next couple adventures we have a lot planned and i can't wait.   I hoped you enjoyed the pictures.  

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