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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Webster Carnival!!!

Tonight was a great night!

    I picked up Quinn and we went to the Webster Carnival.  She was so excited.  They host it every year and its a blast.  It last a couple days and this weekend is when it gets really busy.  But we are out of town! You will have to see the up coming blog.

    We got there and walked around.  The Webster Vol. Fire Fighters have a couple booths.  The Dime Toss is where all my friends work.  You throw dimes in glasses and stuff.  Its really fun.  Its a tough weekend coming up because we are going out of town and there are so many things going on here!

    We played some games, the first one was a fishing game!  We got to fish and in the end she got a stuffed animal!  She loved it!  Then we moved on to darts.  I took this one...  She got another stuffed animal!  Then we played a duck game were you pick up a duck from the water.  She got this cute ball to throw at me...

    Then we got some funnel cake and iced tea.  We sat down and ate it and looked at our new toys!  After we stopped by to say good by to my buddies at the dime toss.  Fulli and his brother Todd were there, Todd took a great pic of us!

     After that we went to Friendly's for Ice Cream!!  We sat and ate a special treat after a long day.  We then went home and relaxed and then off to bed.  It was a wonderful day and we just had so much fun!
Enjoy the Pictures!!!

The Carnival!!!

Playing some games.

Umm Funnel Cake.

Here we  are!

Little Dessert?

Everyone Love Ice Cream

Our Prizes!

I can't wait for the weekend we have so much to do it's going to be a big weekend!  Well until next time.

Love and miss you all!

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  1. Who is this "big" girl? I cannot believe how she has grown. The carnival photos and comments are wonderful, what fun you had. Waiting for your next big adventure. aunt ro