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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Is there a Doctor in the House?

Hello all!

    I know its been a while since i've posted I am sorry!  The past week I got a cold I couldn't shake.  I had this cold all week and I’m finally getting over it.  Of course I go into work still and my co-workers hate it!  But I have clients that need me!  Sorry no pics this post!

    This past Friday I got a text from Quinn’s mom.  She said Quinn was sick.  Fever, stomach ach, the works…   She said she wanted to come to my house still and wanted ice cream…  I went to CVS and got some med’s for her and some treats.  Then I went and picked her up.  She came out and gave me that big hug that just fills your heart with hope.  The hope that takes over when the light is almost gone.  When you work and work and don’t see her and you feel all is lost this little person hugs you and a breath of life fills your body… 

    I got her home and she seemed to be doing well.  My aunt stopped over with dinner and said hello.  I put her to bed and just watched a movie that night with my buddy Hughey.  She slept through the night and woke up with good spirits.  We had a good breakfast and then went to a park near our house.  Later that day she had her nap and lunch but started getting hot.  I gave her a bath and then put her on the couch.  My brother came over to keep us company and she just loves him 

         She started to heat up later that night so I put a cool cloth on her.  She didn’t exactly love it but then when she cooled down she felt so much better.  I felt helpless my little angle on the couch and I just had to hope the medicine, cool wash cloths, and her own body did their jobs.  I gave her medicine just before bed and rocked her to sleep in my arms.  There was my little girl.  I remember when I got a fever and would call out to my mom, she always was there for me.  I always told my self I would be a good father and do anything for my children.  There I was holding her kissing her and just trying to pass my comfort over to her… 

    Sunday we got up and had breakfast.   And went to the park again to get some air and take a walk.  We got back and I put her back on the couch her fever spiked a little again and I made sure she got her rest and I let her rest.  I gave her meds when she woke and just cooled her down again.  My rents got back from their vacation last night and stopped in to say hi and see how she was doing.  They left and me and her played with her toys.  We took one more walk then packed up and went back to her moms.  We headed home a little early I think she missed her mom… 

    Seeing your child sick is apart of life, they get better, stronger but I guess during it all it just sucks…  The weekend was bound to happen someday.  It was a tough weekend because it was so nice out and we had to stay inside…  It’s difficult because I don’t have her that much so a weekend of staying in does stink.  But being a parent means taking the good with the bad.  It was a learning experience and I came out strong. 

    This week I start the final mental stage of this divorce.  It has been two years and after trying everything realized especially after a weekend with a sick child that I am an amazing father and over all guy.  After getting so many good comments and emails and calls and txt from people that love me I’m ready to live a fun life and stop living like my life is over.  Now i know there are ups and downs in life and in my new blog coming out i hope to help answer questions but  I turn 30 this thrus and realize there will be tough times a head of me but I also was somebody who was just bursting with life and don’t want to live sad or feel I failed anymore… 

    I wanted to post a video.  I posted this for any single Dad’s or Mom’s that have their kids on every other weekend or a couple days here and there or how ever they have them.  But in the end the Mom’s and Dad’s that don’t get to see their kids that much.  Weather they were married or not a break up still hurts.  It took a long time to pick her up and drop her off and be strong.  I sometimes still leave after I drop her off on my weekends and get sad because I know I wont see my daughter till that wed, then a full week after.  But when I see this video I'm not sad I put it up to say to anyone who has to make this trip you are not alone…

    The video was made with Reba And Kenny C. But this has Skip Ewing in it.  The one I one I wanted I couldn't get on but its still the story that matters...
Until next time.

I love you all,

PS its good to be back blogging!


  1. "This week I start the final mental stage of this divorce..."

    Does that mean your finally going to take your ring off?

  2. Hope you and Quinn get better soon and completely healthy for your bday!