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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Boys Of Fall

Well the Fall is in full swing and that means time for the Cabin Trip!

This post is for the weekend of October 14th-16th 2011

Here is the Cast:
This year there was 8 of us.

Tim, Brian (Hughey), Kevin (Kevman), Sean, Mike (Laz), Mike, Jason and myself.  We have a lot of nicknames...  I will refer to them here on out as them...

I have known the Hughey, Tim, Kevman and Sean a very long time.  Our family's have been close a long time.  Laz, Mike and Jason came in not to long ago.  Mike and Jason are marrying two of Ashley's friends.  Ashley is Kevmans wife.  I have known here for a very long time as well.  Laz dated one of Ashley's friends and well we kept him around after that all ended because we love him...

But the four brothers and i are very close and its really awesome to have such good friends.  Well back to the story now that you have the background.  Hughey and Kevin and I have been going up there for a long time.  We brought up Sean last year and Initiated him in the cabin last year.  He's been waiting for a long time.  We decided to Initiate Laz this year.

Friday I took a half day and packed up the car.  I was driving Hughey, Sean, and Jason.  We all met at Kevmans.  Mike and Laz were going up later and Kevman and Tim even later.  Kevman was on jury duty because he was on jury duty...

So I got the four of us there and we unpacked and had some dinner in town.  We had a great time just the four of us.  Jason is a blast he was so excited to come up.  It was his and Mike's first time.  The brothers and Laz have been there before.

Mike and Laz got there around 8 and they joined the party.  The 6 of us then hung out and just cough up until Tim and Kevman came.  Then we had all 8 of us in that cabin.  We did pretty well.  Mike ended up crashing early.  You will see the pictures of him later...

Saturday we played some cards and the boys shot some guns off.  It rained the entire weekend!  But we made it work.  Good food good company it was awesome.   The rain didn't hold us back, we got to make home made trash plates that night.  If your wondering what they are i will tell you later...

Sunday we ate packed up and left.  There are so many good things about a guy's weekend, I love the fact that I have so many groups of friends and that they are all amazing.  Cards, a couple pops, laughs, just bonding and all under our family cabin.  It was awesome, everyone had a great time and now I think I have to get them all up there every year!  Fine with me.  Sunday it opened up and we had a good day to leave.  We had an amazing time and I can't wait to do it again.

Here is the first crew! Myself, Jason, Sean and Hughey

I put this shot in just because well I like it. haha

Mike and Laz arrive! 

And Mike crashed....  Well tried to... See the next pic.

We didn't let him sleep long.

Haha there's our Mikey! Once he finds out I put this pic on I'm in trouble...

Kevin and Tim arrive!

Still didn't let him sleep

The guys played a little cards Friday night.

Here is Laz and I.  We Initiated him in the cabin.  Thats actually water in those glasses... Long story, ask me later...

Hughey, Tim and Kevman just chillin...

Now Kevman is crashing!

Here we all are! Going from left to right, around the table.  Mike, Laz, me, Sean, Kevman, Jason, Hughey and Tim.

Some more poker.  I was out by then... Not my best game.

Another group shot.  Literally.....

Just getting some chow.

Pizza Logs!!  Everyone's favorite!

Took some time to fire off some guns.

Don't worry Laz wasn't a target.

Here they are yelling at me to get out of the way!

Here's the cabin from the other side of the hill. I took some pics of the shooting and then took a walk to clear my head.  I didn't shoot this year I wanted to just enjoy the fall air and get some quiet...

Here I am with the 4 brothers. Kevman, Hughey, Sean and Tim.

Cooking dinner and keeping Jason busy!

Jason and I.  Jason has become very close with us, he's such an awesome guy.  

Hughey and I.  We've been friends for a very long time.  He's been visiting the cabin for a very long time.  Him and his brother Kevman are seasoned vets to the place. 

Here are our trash plates.


Mike and Laz went to bed so we took a photo with out them!

Then we got crazy.

Is Jason sleeping or praying... Not sure...

Mike had to leave early that morning but here we are sunday before we left.  What a group.


The weekend was a blast.  I have friends across the country and world and they are all amazing.  But on that rainy cold weekend we got together and bonded like friends should...

I also took sometime to just clear my head and realize that this divorce is finalized and that I'm an awesome guy.  I'm a great father and that I did everything I could.  But I'm no longer living a sad life, or living in anger I'm just not gonna do it.  I have all those pics above of family and friends to show that...  

So I will post again to complete the final stage of my divorce to finnish it up and I will always be here to answer questions but the dark days are behind me and It's time for Zini to come back to life....  

"And thats the bottom line...... 'Cause Chris Rosini said so!!!..."

Thank you all for sharing that weekend with me.

I love you guys.

The boys of fall...

Until next time,

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