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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hey all.
Well I'm the big 30!  I feel like at back at the bottom again small 30 year old in the pool now.  Well Dirty 30 SO I WANT DIRTY COMMENTS!!! haha  It was a good birthday I had Quinn and we had dinner with my buddy Hughey.

I was driving to work today and forgot my badge to get in, I was great I am old now!!!

We watched some TV and he even helped me video my post.  It was really cool, he's always been a great friend.  Well I have some new video's for everyone so I hope you enjoy them!  We have to get together for Quinns birthday still because everyone is getting sick!  After me, Quinn was sick, then my Mom its just going around I guess...

Well I don't feel old, well i actually do lol I was tired last night! But then again I've been going to bed early for years now so...  So when do I get my AARP card?? haha let's not get out of control...  I actually started this post the night before so as I say goodbye to the fun 20's.

Here I come 30!!!   I hope you enjoy the video and I will be in touch

I added some video of Quinn when we went to strong as well, I made a video update but it's giving issues of course, right so I will have to trouble shoot that later! The Quinn video's loaded, they are not in any real order but they are cute and thats really all people need and want to see anyway!

Hope all is well!



  1. Wow nice shopping! Happy Birthday Chris!!! did you get all the cake ingredients? I bet you did!

  2. love your blog! nice to see single dads for a change. i love and relate to your story. we need each other during rough times- believe me i knw!!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you enjoy and have an amazing day :) Cute videos

  4. THIRTY......NO WAY!

    Loved the shopping trip video. Wait till she gets older and really wants to go shopping for clothes and cars. You are training her well.

    Have a great year ahead..thirty is a fun year! Stay young at heart. Love you bushels, Aunt Ro

  5. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    Kate :)