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Friday, December 30, 2011

A December to Remember!

Hello all,
December came and went so fast!  Quinn was in her first Christmas Pageant.  We spend some of our weekends getting ready and rehearsing. 

In the beginning of the month Aunt took my brother, Quinn and I to dinner for our annual Christmas dinner.  We went to crescent beach.  The dinner was really nice and then after we took our yearly walk by the lights and lake.  After we went out for ice cream, then back home for a little TV then bed.  My brother and I have been going to dinner with my Aunt and Grandma when we were both kids.  We used to pack up our bags and have a great night.  When my grandma passed we continued to go out and added Quinn when she was born.  It’s so nice to keep the tradition alive. 

The next weekend I had Quinn was in the pageant!  Quinn was so cute.  She was a lamb and did so good.  When she first got up on the alter I guess a couple of the animals started rough housing and Quinn came down crying cause another animal pushed her or something lol.  She would then go back up and come back a few more times.  I guess it’s not cute unless a little one is running all around.  Then when it was time for the angles to sing Quinn climbed up on the manger and reached for the star.  It was cute she almost made it to the top!  Everyone was just staring up to see if she would tumble or tip the whole scene over!!!  The angles had to run up and get her down!  The Angles looked over her it was so cute…

In the end the congregation was just in love with her and she stole the show.  She didn’t really walk down to do her part but for a 3 year old she did great!
Brad son’s Gabriel was the donkey they were so cute together!  They are all growing up so fast I can’t believe how many kids there were in the church now.  December did go by so fast it didn’t snow till the end of the month. 

Enjoy the pics!

Here we are uncle kenny, daddy and I

Dinner time!

Just chilling with daddy

After dinner we took a walk

Just checking out the scenes.

Here I with Uncle Kenny!

Here we all are!

Getting ready before the show!!

Gabriel and I

Here are the proud dad's

Show time!

Back for lunch!

First snow fall!!!

We just hung in after our nap and relaxed.

I played my keyboard.

Next up Christmas!!!  The blog is getting put back together and updated I realized my blog this year has been up for a year.  Im really excited the first year went really well.  I started off very quiet and with just basic info and things about Quinn.  As i reached out and started answering questions meeting new friends my sight grew.  I will talk more about that in my year end wrap up.

I will talk to you all soon!
Remember you are never alone...

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