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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I guess it was only right to hit one more speed bump before 2012...

Hello all!!

I grew up saying,  "Always learn from your mistakes"... And all I do is mess up!  So a few weeks ago I was looking over my Google account.  The one that is really the basis for this blog.  There is a program that holds pictures when you upload them.  This way the interent knows where to pull them.  I though they just downloaded to the internet.  (Yea shoulda known better!) 

So i was going throuhg and being the person I am, always cleaning up files and stuff i say a blog file with like 1000+ pics in it.  Well I was like yea i delete that...  Well I did and then it took all the pics from my blog away!!! DOH!!!!!!  

So I was up late reloading some and then delting them and just figuring out how the whole thing works and now im exhosted at work.. lol   But I really feel my blog as helped so many so I'm gonna fix it!  At frist i was really upset and just wanted to give up and F it... But I've made so many friends and helped a lot of people along the way.  I still have to revamp the blog too.  That is still a work in progress! 

But what I decided to do is go back and reload all the pics to the post I really loved.  The post are all in tact, I just have to actually load the pics...  Im probaby going to delete some because I have just sooo many.  Or make some post shorter with less pics... But it will heal!  In the mean time I will press on!!!  She was only 2 in 2011 so its not a huge year.  We did have somet things i will make sure fix and put the pics up of but I'm not gonna cry over spilled milk... 

The site right now has no pics!  But after some minor surgery and a little love we will be back and better than ever!  A note to any blogger on Google... DO NOT DELTE ANY POTOS IN THE BACK END SITE... They will be taken from your blog... See mine for details! 

I am excited about  2012 I have never been more ready for a new year ever in my life.  I am working on getting my site updated still with more info about being a single dad as well as updating everyone on Quinn and our adventures.  I will continue to keep in touch with my readers and again.  If you come by my site please leave a message and let me know your story, if you have a site, any tips or things you have learned along the way. 

Okay all!  Gotta run... Time to rebuild the blog... One pic at a time...

Always remember... You are never alone...


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