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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

They Grow up so fast...

Hello all,

With the last month ahead I’m really excited.  I’m working more again so I am sorry about the lateness of my post!   We have our tree to put up and tings to get ready! 

I hope everyone is having a good start to Christmas!  I will be more in touch with my blog and get some new pics and vlogs!!! 

The past couple weeks I've taken the time to notice the small things in live with my little one.  Just the past weekend we were heading out and I was using the bathroom and when I came out she goes were you peeing?  I went yea..  She goes with this like cute sigh.. Again??  lol  I was like yea! im a guy we pee a lot! ugh..  

It's just funny to see her grow into this little independent girl as we lay on the couch ill move her blanket over or get in her way by mistake and she will move me our move my hand like, move dad kinda deal!  Haha.  When we go outside she can now get in the Jeep all by her self. 

Just seeing her move around and do more on her own is amazing.  It feels like yesterday she was this little girl all wrapped up in a little blanket. 

As we grow as parents we have to take as many pictures and make every minute count.  I cant believe how fast the past year went so fast.  Next year we have some great ideas and ill be ready.  The first year was difficult, getting ideas on what to do getting over being alone in the house.  The road was long but now settled and with the yard done I’m really feeling better about my self. 

To all my single parents, and families out there reading and folloiwg my blog I say this.  There maybe times your tired or just want 5 minutes alone to rest, but never let to much go by because our kids will never stop growing, and one day they will be all grown up and gone. The house will be empty and quiet and we will have just pictures and memories. 

Take the extra time to lay with them, laugh with them.  Enjoy the fact that they love us so much and aren’t off with friends or on the phone…  They will have all their lives for friends and work or school… Take the years of them being little to just sit and play games or walk with them.  You will not regret it…  To my single parents take extra time because our time is shorter and we don’t get the luxury of having them everyday.  So hug tight once more before they go, or give them an extra snack, or stay up a little later because when they leave you’ll find your self back alone and that my readers is a void nothing can fill…

I will be in touch and always remember you are not alone…

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