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Monday, July 2, 2012

Some weekends are more difficult than others.

           The weekend was good, but Quinn did give her dad a run for his money!  I don’t know if she was just over excited or if it was the heat or well both but she was definet.  Friday I picked her up and she was upset in the car so we went home to just relax and get out of the heat.  Uncle Pauly came over for a visit, he was in town and got to see her.  Paul is one of my closest friends and Quinns godfather as well. 

           Uncle Paul came over and got to see how big Quinn was.  We sat outside and just relaxed on the porch.  After we took a walk and got some Ice Cream.   Then came back and she went to bed.  Hughey stopped over and we just al caught up and relaxed that night.  Saturday we got up and had breakfast then we were off to the Sandbox for a birthday party!  A co-worker and his wife were throwing a party for their little one.  Briella, she was truing 1!  We went and just had a blast.  Quinn got along with the other kids so well and well she loves the Sandbox so she knew what toys she wanted to play with and wasn’t shy for long….  We had cake and just got to play around.  It was nice to see my old co-workers more and out side of work.  They all work with me but on a different team now.  So I stay in touch but I don't get to see them as much.  There was a nice small group mainly other members of my old team at work who I know very well and their kids.  Quinn and I got home after one big play day and tried to rest.  I tried some of my own tips but she just didn’t want to sleep.  I knew she needed a nap and I knew she would be tied so I tried to get her down.  I tried to let her sleep on the couch, up stairs, I tried everything…  I did get frustrated and told her she needs to rest, but after trying it just felt if I pushed, she pushed back.  Sometimes it’s hard when kids don’t understand what is good for them and when parents know and they don’t then it’s just a constant battle. 

            Well we didn’t nap, and I just tried to press on.  Later that night my Aunt came over and she got to play come game and puzzles with us.  We had a lot of fun and later that night we had a little struggle going to bed.  She wanted to have more ice cream and I had to take it because it was late.  But being tired and over exhosted I feel I took a wrong approach.  Well she couldn’t sleep so I got her and we had one more small bowl and I let her sleep on the couch while I watched some TV.  I though about the fact that I just don’t see her that much and as I looked over at my sleeping angel I just though that a little extra time with Daddy won’t hurt her…

Sunday we got up and had breakfast with my parents and brother.  We celebrated my bothers birthday he had last week.  After breakfast Quinn and I went back to try another nap and well that didn’t go well either.  We tried to nap on the couch, then up stairs but I just think it was so hot we were both having trouble sleeping.  We just ending up laying on the couch staying out of the heat and relaxing that afternoon.  The weekend reached the 90’s and it was just so hot.  I had a window AC unit in my family room but it still hot! 

            Later that day my parents and brother came back over with some cake to celebrate and give my brother some gifts.  My dad and brother and I fixed my wood pile that fell over!  I had to put slabs under the two ends because it sunk and fell.  So after we got that all set and fixed up we headed inside to relax and have cake!  The cake was great and Kenny loved his cards and gifts.  We just hung out in the house for a little and played with Quinn.  After I got her home and then just went back to clean the house. 

            The weekend over all was great, I loved just holding and seeing my little one but she was testing the waters.  There were a few times I had to remind her that she does have to listen and that yes we have fun but there are rules.  I am excited this Wednesday I have her all day because of the Holiday!  Yea!!!  So I don’t have much planned but I’m sure I will find something.  It is suppose to be 91 deg. that day so I will have to find a pool! 

            In closing I would say that yes not every weekend is easy and sometimes the hot weather can make things difficult but you have to remember anytime with your child is time to never take or granted.  Now it’s Sunday and I miss her… L   Don’t’ let frustration get the best of you I know it can be hard.  We work a lot, then find out down time cleaning or getting food for the week or laundry.  It can be hard at times and when frustration gets the best of us we just have to relax and take a break.  Frustration is a part of life and if you combine that with the heat well it’s just a bad combo…  I just fear we do to much in life and that all we do is work and try to keep up with such a demanding world.  As single dads and moms we are put under more stress and pressure.  Just remember some days are better than others.  When I was getting Quinn ready she kept telling me she didn’t want to go to her Mommies but when we got there she didn’t even want to give me a hug goodbye…  Just things I have to adapt to.  I said goodbye and didn’t mind I knew I would see her Wednesday  I also knew she was tied and wanted to rest up.  I am excited for Wednesday I know we will have a lot of fun and have lots planned!  I hope for my single parents reading this they understand we al get frustrated just don’t let it get the best of you.  When life gives you lemons… Make a mixed drink…

Uncle Paul is here to visit!

Just being silly!

Uncle Paul red me a story!

At the Sandbox!

Down I go!

My buddy Kyle and his daughter just hanging out with Quinn.

Here is Pheadra another friend and co-worker with her little one!

Kyle and his wife Kayla and their little one playing on the green bag blanket!

That's my old mentor and friend Erin and her son Sammy.

The Birthday Girl Briella.

Here is Erin, her husband Adam, their son and their niece! 

Here's the Birthday Girl.

Later that day we played with our stuffed animals.

Sunday we had breakfast with my rents and brother.

There's the b-day boy1

Just hanging out.

Here we are!

Watching something on the computer! I'll tell you what soon. :)

Just hanging out...

We had a lot of fun!

As you can tell... She finally was worn out!

And always remember,

You are never alone…


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  1. It's definately not easy. Take deep breaths and try to remember whats best. Sometimes a little tough love is needed.