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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesdays Tip: Cleanup

             When Quinn and I are done with something I always encourage her to help clean up.  A very important aspect that we will grow up with an do naturally.  Just ask everyone, friends actually tell me not to worry about the dishes when I’m over!  After we use some toys I talk to Quinn about now starting to pick up and get ready for our next activity.  It will help the grow and realize they can’t just leave the place a mess.  There are no maids that come in and just clean.  Not in my family that is!  I have been caught cleaning her stuff but now that she is older I get her to pick up her things. 

            Cleaning up is very important as you get older your home shows the kind of person you are.  When you walk into a nice clean home you feel safe and secure, you don’t have to look before you sit down or worry about taking your shoes off.  The best thing is, cleaning is not that hard!  We just have to get off our asses and do it!  When I was younger my dad would always tell us to clean the bathroom.  I would complain and go “why?” He always said, “Just shut up and do it” in a neutral voice.  Not mean but stern.  Pretty much saying cause I said so.  Then I would complain more and he would tell me if I didn’t complain it would have been done by now.  Thanks dad!  That got me motivated to really just clean naturally.  As I got older I kept my room pretty clean and tied to help around the house.  It gets easier as you get older but instilling the ground rule of just cleaning is what you really want.  You want to grow up cleaning so you one day have a nice home to show off and have people over. 

            I guess for some people they don’t care, or mind they see things out or dirty and go right to the couch and watch TV.  Every week now I vacuum and dust and pick up.  I keep my kitchen clean every day and do a full cleaning every week or so as well.  Cleaning is a part of life and keeps us healthy and safe.  I started off Quinn with just picking up her toys and now she brings her dishes and helps there to.  I leaned if you make it fun she will want to enjoy it and join in.  Sing a clean up song; believe it or not there are some out there.  If you start small and show them how then asking them isn’t as bad.  Also being on top of it as well and keep reminding them to clean up and that they can’t do their next game until that on is picked up will get them to understand as well.  When Quinn leaves on Sundays I try to clean the house fully so the rest of the week I don’t have to and can just enjoy a clean home after work.  If you take it out side as well they will help you.  For example I was trimming a bush by my mail box and Quinn helped me throw out the clippings.  It was so nice of her to help me put them in the trash and we made it fun. 

            Try not to give treats how ever, once a child does something and gets rewarded they feel they should get that every time.  Be careful with this you don’t want them cleaning up and expecting a treat ever time.  Cleaning up should be because it is just part of life and we have to do it.

            Cleaning up can start early and then as we grow into adults it just becomes natural.  It is something we want to do.  Explain to your child how it is important and easy.  Explain before they take out some toys that we have to pick up later to.  Quinn loves to put her stuff out and play fort and all but I explain it takes a lot of work to pick up and that she has to help if she wants to enjoy them later.   As you enjoy your child give small hints for cleaning up.  You will find it isn’t hard and as they grow up they will thank you.  Believe it or not, we wont let you know because then your right! But we will thank you…

            Cleaning up, very easy and instills a great activity for life.

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  1. I agree so much with this post. I don't reward my kids for doing their fair share around the house either. It does set a bad precedent for being rewarded every time they do something, and that's just not the way real life works. Sometimes the reward is simply the satisfaction of a job well down, and the chance to have some fun afterward. Great post!