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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The weekend update!

                This past weekend my family with Hughey went to the camp to work on it.  Friday night we arrived and settled in, we had dinner and a fire we also lit off some fireworks.  The weather was great and we had a nice time just talking about old times and enjoying a beer by the fire.  The next day we got up early and had some breakfast, and then we were off to work.  The camp needed some foundation help; my dad worked under the camp while Hughey and I Cut and made supports.  My brother spent the day cleaning up the yard and back woods area while my mom made lunch. 
                The work took all day and I felt bad because my father and brother already worked all day Friday before we got there.  Keeping the camp in good shape is just part of enjoying it.  We have been working on projects for the camp for years, like a home it needs to be updated and maintained.  The foundation wall has been a project for years now and I think we are in a good place with it.  That night we had dinner and just relaxed after our hard work.   It was nice to enjoy dinner on the deck and just joke and talk.  It never ended up raining which was great because we stayed on the deck till late into the night hours.   Sitting on that camp deck has always been one of my favorite places, its peaceful, quiet and just a place you don’t have to worry about the busyness of life. 
                The next day we all woke up and had breakfast and left.  I got home and just relaxed a few hours of just lying on the couch after I unpacked was well deserved.  That night I caught back up with my Dad, Brother and Hughey  we ended up going to a movie and just having a guys night out.  We saw the new World War Z which I though was good.  I think this weekend was just overall wonderful. A chance to work hard, relax after and enjoy the beauty of the camp. 
      Well if you are a follower you will have seen my previous post about getting the poison ivy, well the meds are working and I am getting better!
                I hope you enjoy the pics!  I can’t wait because in a few weeks we will be up there again for the Balloon Rally!  
Always remember,
You are never alone.

Enjoy the pics!

Getting started!

Here we are working on the Camp!

Almost done!

Trying to cook... We did a great job...

Hughey and my Mom!

Even my old Man put his feet up!

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