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Saturday, July 27, 2013

It's Carnival Time!

     It's that time again, carnival time!  I picked up Quinn and we headed off to the East Rochester Carnival.  Aunt Ro takes us every year and we have so much fun.  So we all headed out and had some dinner first.  It was Friday so we had our Friday Fish Fry!  We all got to the carnival and got some tickets.  Quinn was so excited to go back on the rides she loves so much!  There were some new ones and some of her classic favorites.  She took turns taking us on different rides and then we even played some games!  This carnival is one of her favorites because the rides are smaller and she can go on them.

     After we went and got some funnel cake and headed to the dance floor!  Our cousin Tina was singing with her band, Me and the Boyz She sang and danced and the band was awesome!  Quinn loved dancing with my Aunt and she then gave Tina a huge hug goodbye!  We did a few more rides and then headed home.  We are going again tonight and Quinn is so excited, tonight we are going with a bigger group!

I can't wait to update you all!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Here we are!!!

She loves the dragon ride

Quinn in the bounce house!

She did great!

Here we are

Going down the slide!

Quinn and Kayla!

Aunt Ro and Quinn!  I can't believe my Aunt went on this ride.

Playing some games!

She rode the Jeep, I bet this one is in better shape than mine!

Funnel Cake time.

Tina and the band.

Hughey and Quinn Playing a game.

Did we win!?

Quinn and Tina!

A few more rides!

She loves the swings!


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