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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: Leaves of Three... Let them be...

     So this past weekend at the camp we had to get clean up a part of the woods and while we were in there, well my dad and I.  We ran into some old friends...  Good old Poison Ivy.  Well as my brother from the safety from his truck yells, "thats not poison ivy".   Well it was...  So I showed and thought I was safe.. I was wrong.  

     I woke up Monday and well I though my face was sunburned.  I took the day to work and then got home and put aloe on.  That was the second bad move!  Well Tuesday I got up and I barley could open my eyes.  I got to work and people were scared!  I called the doctor and got in that day thankfully.  Yup, it was Poison Ivy, he prescribed some meds and told me to just stay cool (good thing its only July!)  I took the night to relax and just post my adventure.  Well I'm on meds for about 12 days now and will just keep cool and try not to scratch.  

     So my tip to you is well, just don't touch it or get near it!  Remember everyone is different.  Some are not allergic to it and some are dangerously allergic.  If you even just get near it the vapor can cause you to break out.  After i was in the patch I did shower but i guess i didn't get it all.  So just stay clear and remember what it looks like.  I guess I was due, it has been years since got it, lets hope this is it!  Have a good summer and be safe! 

Always remember,
You are never alone...



  1. Oh Chris, How sad the Ivy got you. Hope your feeling better. love you bushels, Aunt ro

    ps.......did you really scare people????

  2. Wish I had seen it ;)