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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sometimes its nice to relax

     This past weekend I took the time to relax, from friday till tonight I honestly didn't to do much besides catch up on some sleep and get some things done around the house.  I went to the gym a little and of course thought about my little one and how she was doing.  Sometimes its just nice to get some rest before the big holiday weekend.

     As the cold air came in it was a nice time to well finish raking my neighbors leaves, and getting my lawn picked up.  Only two bags this year, not bad...  I also made sure the old snowblower would start up.  Thankfully it did, so with the house ready for winter and the furnace running and now the snowblower up and running I think I am all set.  I have some salt but honestly when is anyone ready for winter...   I will admit I do like to stay in and bunker down for the winter, catch up on movies, video games and yes snowboarding (I hope).  I do hope everyone is taking some time to rest up during the cold months, remember when its cold out that means stay in and be warm!

     As I close this post I want to say, rest up now that winter is coming but make sure your winter tools are working or you will be stuck in side!  So settle in the couch on a nice cold saturday, grab a blanket have the furnace on and put in a movie!  It's time to relax...

And like always,
Remember you are never alone,


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