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Monday, November 18, 2013

The last warm weather says goodbye...

    This past weekend the weather was so nice, it will probably be the last warm weather before winter finally hits.  Friday night after I picked up Quinn and we just stayed in the past few weeks I had her we were so busy so this time we just relaxed a little.  Saturday we got up and had our breakfast and then spent some time just hanging out, that afternoon we went over a playground and just burned off some steam!  Quinn was so excited to get out and burn some energy.  I can't believe I forgot my camera!

     Well that night we just took it easy and watched a movie.  Sunday we watched a little TV the worked on her homework.  Quinn is doing so well, she still gets a little frustrated but everyone does it's just the learning process.  She is working on counting to 100, writing her name, writing numbers and making sure she knows them.  Her handwriting is getting better but she is left handed so it is an obstacle we are still working around.  Being right handed I am working my hardest to help her and she really is doing such a great job but working on her writing takes time and practice.  I will say I am excited that she likes to do her homework.  When I tell her it's homework time she does sit down and work.

     Later that day we went to visit Alyese.  We had lunch with Vinny and Courtney.  It was nice, pizza and wings and the girls.  They are so cute and play so well together.   It is so funny to just hear them talking and hearing them.  It was cute to see them run around outside and just have their little conversations.  They play so well together and are becoming such good friends...

     Later that night we took a special trip out to cold stone to get some ice cream to finish the wonderful weekend.  A nice time to sit outside one more time and just enjoy the weather before it goes.  Having some ice cream with her was nice just sometime to bond and see my cute little one before our time ends.  I dropped her off, gave her a big hug and kiss and watched her go inside.  A few days before I get to see her again so it's not so bad.  Just have to get through a few days.

     The year has been a good one I will say.  Quinn and I have been bonding and our relationship has been growing and getting stronger.  Her Mom and I have been working together and we haven't argued  much which is good.  I feel when parents argue over their child and its about time well it's just them being passionate.  I usually argue with Quinn's Mom because I want to see her more or think she it would be nice if I could have her more or her to ask my help.  Just have to keep pushing forward...

     As the weather gets colder I hope everyone stays nice and warm!

Sorry I don't have any pics for you but I will soon!

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