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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: Get ready for the winter...

     So i think fall pretty much skipped us this year!  As the days get darker sooner and the leaves finish falling make sure you are ready for winter!

1) Make sure your heater is working correctly and on, or getting ready to turn on.  If it doesn't the line to get it fixed is growing!

2) Make sure you have your warm cloths ready.  Put away the shorts and take out the sweaters.

3) Make sure you have some kind of snow removal ready, call your plow guy, or make sure the snow blower is working.  Or get the old shovel ready!

4) Get your windows ready, put the storm windows down, pull the A/C unit out try to seal up any cracks and keep the cold air out.

5) Most important get ready for weather change.  The dark nights coming sooner can cause depression don't let it!  Keep busy, get some movies ready but don't let the early darkness get you down!

    Now this is just a starter tip, I will have more to come and more tips about how to keep busy with your child to come as well!

Ready or now.... Winter is coming....

Always remember,
You are never alone....

(unless you don't turn your heater on, then nobody will come over!)


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