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Monday, November 28, 2016

Getting ready for the holidays!

     Hello everyone, this week was a busy one!  It has been a good year and not posting as much to just enjoy life has been wonderful.  I love posting and blogging but taking the time to just be a Dad and husband is work so much.

      Friday we picked up Quinn and went to dinner.  We hadn't gone out to dinner in a while and she was excited.  She loves a good fish fry every once and a while.  We had fun, later that night we just relaxed and headed to bed.  Saturday we got up and Kayla had to work so Quinn and I just spend the morning hanging out.  It was cold raining so we just took some time to catch up on some of our shows and just have a relaxing day.  

   When Kayla go home we took out the tree and decorations and setup for the holiday!  Kayla and Quinn decorated as I watched, they did such a good job and Quinn loves to just help out and decorate.  She had so much fun and setting up the tree is something she enjoys so much!  That night we had some friends over for dinner and then took some time after to play some games and enjoy the time.

     Sunday we got up and had to get ready Quinn had a play date with one of her friends!  We headed over to our friends house and let Quinn play as we all had lunch.  Play dates are so important for kids and parents!  It gives them time to just let loose and not having any siblings yet I know it can be hard.  Kids need to laugh and just be around other kids!  We spend a few hours over there as the girls played and just hung out.

   We got home in time to get a few things picked up and the house in order to have a snack then head out.  Sometimes I can't help but feel the weekends are just so short.  How big Quinn is getting, I just can't believe it sometimes.

    The weekend was great and with the holidays coming up we are just so excited to have fun this month and enjoy our time!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Let your kids help you decorate they will love it!

We do hope you enjoy the pics!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Getting started!

Looking Good!

Even "The Rock" was there!

Nice job Quinn and Kayla!
Can you see the hidden kitty?

We had tacos for dinner, just in case you can't tell...

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