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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Rake, Jump, Repeat!

     I didn't have a weekend update per we were just so busy but also because we slowed down with blogging and enjoy more time with life and not always having to post!  Live first, post second my fellow parents!   So this past weekend we picked up Quinn and had a pretty chill night.  We had some dinner and just relaxed.

     The next day however we had some work to do!  We went outside and raked the front yard.  We also wanted to take some nice pictures of the leaves and us having fun in them.    As we started raking up Quinn said we don't have any trees in our yard!  They are next door.  I tell her yea?  She goes but all the leaves fall on our yard, thatch not fair!  I laugh and say well life's not fair as we kept raking.  Also it is a known fact leaves like to fall on other property!  Tree's just think they are sooooo funny!

     I was so proud per Quinn was doing a great job and raking leaves isn't always fun.  We made a nice big pile and then took a few pictures.  After we let Quinn jump in them and throw them around.  Pretty much destroying the pile and all the work we did.  We chased each other around as Kayla watched a bit.  Then threw some leaves and then headed in side before it got to cold.

     We had a great day and though we have to rake again, it still is just one of the moments you have to do with your kids.  Making a pile of leaves and then jumping in them!  I can remember doing this with my parents growing up so now being the parent was something I got to enjoy from this view.

     So if you have some leaves, rake them up, then jump in them!  Share this moment with your kids and just have fun!  They will have this memory for a long time and share it with their kids one day.  So share this day and moment with them!  Leaves can be re-raked!  Your kids will just absolutely love it!  

     So with out having a list of tips do this, Rake, Jump, Repeat!   Have fun this fall and do fun easy and cheap things like this!

I do have pictures just waiting to move them to my computer!  They will come soon!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


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