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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Furnace Check.

     Hello all!
With Winter getting closer we have some great tips for you!  Depending on where you live and if you have a furnace.  If you do then making sure it is ready for the winter is extremely important! Your furnace is going to heat your house, keep you warm and keep the water in your home from freezing and causing really big issues.  Checking your furnace is a number one priority you don't want winter to come and the furnace to come on.  Here are a few steps to get you ready. 

     1)  Make sure when you turned it off last spring it was shut off correctly.

     2)  Inspect your furnace before you turn it on.  Make sure there is nothing leaning next to it and that it looks in good shape. 

     3)  Take off the face plate and see how everything looks, are the wires ok, ect.

     4)  Make sure your thermostat is ok, new batteries the timer setting is ready. 

     5)  Turn it on early to make sure it fires up!  Let the heat fill the house.

     6)  Check the vents and make sure all the rooms that need heat are getting it.

     7)  After a bit turn off the furnace and clean out any particles that came up.  It gets dusty over the summer.

     8)  Check your furnace filter, and change it if it's dirty.

     9)  Set your thermostat.  Make sure with every day it has higher temperatures and lower ones.  Your furnace doesn't have to be on every second of the day, have low cooler points.

     10)  Have someone come look at it, if you feel somethings wrong or if its not working.  Get this done asap!  You can't wait for the very cold months, everyone will be calling the companies so get it checked now!

     I hope the following tips did help, of course be safe per most are natural gas used so they can be dangerous if you are not careful.  Always seek professional help if you have a feeling something isn't right.  Take care of your furnace and make sure your humidifier is on too, you need to get water into the house during the winter.  Follow these tips and you will be in great shape come winter!

    I hope everyone is having a great fall!

Always remember,
You are Never Alone,


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