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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tuesday's Tip: Keep you and your car safe!


Hello all,
     Winter is now in full, cold swing!  So I wanted to give everyone a few tips to help them stay out of trouble when it comes to their cars!  Getting stranded is not fun, but in the winter it can be very dangerous.  You need your car to be running without an issue during the very cold months or you can have a problem, a serious one.

     Keeping your car running is not that difficult, however during the winter months you do have to adjust what you do and we wanted to give you a few tips you might be interested in that can keep you moving!

1)  Make sure your gas tank is between 1/2 a tank full to full.  You don't want to drive on a low tank during the winter because your car will use more gas and you can find your self out sooner.  Also the weight of the gas will help hold your car down as you are driving in the snow.

2)  Make sure you have good windshield wipers!  We only check them when they break...  Well make sure they are in good shape.  Besides the rain winter time we use them the most.  If they break while you are on the road it could be a big problem.  Get new ones or check them out before the winter months start.

3)  Check your windshield washer fluid!  Since we are on the topic of windshield wipers, make sure your car is full of fluid.  We use this fluid mainly in the winter to clean off salt as it hits our windshield.  Once you are out the view will be very hard to see if you can not clean it.  Keep the topped off!

4)  Wash your car!  This is not to look pretty but getting the salt off will help prevent rust and other issues.  This will wash off the dirt and salt that will ruin your car frame and other parts that will cost you lost of money in the future.  You also want to get the snow and ice off of it and out of the wheel wells.

Be aware do not wash your car in very cold weather.  If it is below freezing the water from the car wash will freeze and ruin your car.  Very cold temperatures will not allow the salt to work so don't panic.  Wait for it to warm up and then go get it washed.

5)  Very important, make sure you have good tires!  Make sure your rotate your ties through the year and just importantly get them checked.  If your tires are balding you will not get 5 feet out of your driveway!  You need good tires  especially during the winter.  So keep an eye on them and save slowly during the year to pay for them!

    With regular oil changes and just regular tune ups you should be fine, however most important!  Drive Safe!   Be careful when you drive and be mindful of what is going on.  This will keep you and others safe.  With this in mind please have a great winter and yes, if you are going to do doughnuts in your car go to an abandoned parking lot and don't get caught....

Happy Winter!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


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