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Monday, January 30, 2017

The Annual Scout Klondike!

     This past weekend was the annual Boy Scout Klondike.  Since I was young I have been attending this even, and once in High School I started working it.  For almost 20 years I have seen kids come and go, as time went on it was one of the few events I had time to still do.  This event is one of my favorites because of how long I have worked it.  I worked the "Snowball Toss".  Really throwing tennis balls as I caught them on a speed gun.  It was fun the kids loved doing it and trying to get the fastest score.

     Over the years we have had some really fast scores and over time we started giving trophies out for kids that were older and a section for those who were younger.  Ever year I would be there making sure I worked this event and every year my Dad and Brother would be there too as we took our annual picture.

     My Dad this year gave a great speech as he had Veterans come out and retire a flag.  They all said a few words and my Dad talked about how special they are.  I always enjoy hearing this speech and know how much he loves giving it.  Once the opening ceremony was done the kids all left and started doing the events!

     The day was fun, cold but very fun.  Being outside all day does take a toll but there are a few fires here and there for some events I would go to and warm up.  We had lunch and then finished up the events.  After everyone went down to the main field and we did the great sled race.  Before however I got to give out fastest pitch trophies.  It was something I always loved to do.  I handed out the trophies to these kids that weren't even born when I was working this event and then we started the race.

     The kids had fun and the race was great.  Everyone had such a great time and we packed up and started to head out.  I left and headed home, when I got there being outside finally took its toll as I was drained.  This event always takes all the energy I have but yet I wait to do it every year...
So we close out another year again and as I post this to my fellow readers I want to say I hope you all have something you really enjoy.  I hope you have an event you just look forward to and have fun with...

I hope you all enjoy the pics...

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone


Here are the Veterans walking out.

My Dad talking about what they do for us.

 Retirement of a Flag.
Here we our!  Our yearly picture!

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