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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tuesday's Tip: Bunker Down... It's Winter!

    Hello all!,
     I hope everyone is having a great start to this new year.  For those who live in warmer states this may not fully be the post for you, plus if its 70 degrees or so we don't wanna hear it!  This is the post for those who live in the colder areas.

    So now that winter is here yes we are allowed more movie days/nights!  So today my tip is to relax and let the snow fall...  With the cold weather here I just wanted to remind everyone we are allowed more days of just staying in!  Of course if it is nice out enjoy the snow, build a snowman, fort or go skiing/snowboarding.  However there are muddy cold days that just stink so yes, my orders!  Stay warm and dry.  Take this time to play inside with some board games or other toys.  You and you children are at risk if you are out in the cold to long.

     Here are a few tips we have for you!

     1)  Don't stress.  Winter comes every year just get used to it.

     2)  Play indoor games or do crafts with your kids to keep them busy and learning!

     3)  Put in a fun movie and have some popcorn!

     4)  Spend some time outside, but not to much fresh air is good, but cold air is for the birds!

     5)  Do some cooking!  Make cookies or different dinner recipes.

   You can still do things like go to the gym here and there but don't worry about a few pounds that add on!  Besides the gym is packed right now with all the people going who think they are gonna actually keep going! ha-ha....  Sometimes if we don't have Quinn Kay and I do a movie day or play games.  We go shopping or just keep busy by cleaning up the house a bit.  Either way I have been living with Winter my whole life so yea we are used to it.

     However Cabin fever is a thing and can happen.  Take this time to just relax and stay warm, it will get warm in a few months and you can rush outside to start your spring cleaning soon enough...  Enjoy the winter and do a bit of hibernating!

     Stay safe, put a movie in!

Always remember,

You are Never Alone...


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