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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Popi's B-Day!

This weekend was my dad's 62 Birthday!  I started off with Quinn By just hanging out at the house and relaxing.  Hughey came over and we had some dinner and hung out.  Saturday it was really cold out!  It didn't really snow till Sunday but we got dressed up to got out.  She wanted to just stay in.  

It was pretty nice just to take a weekend and stay in and just catch up with some hanging out.  I had some things planned but I wanted to bond with my daughter.  It was also like 16 deg out so we took it easy and stayed warm under a blanket!  

Sunday I woke up and cleaned out the driveway and we went to church.  After we just hung out some more on the couch with puzzles.  We then went over to my parent’s house for dinner and celebrate my dad’s b-day.  We played and hung out and then ate and did dessert.  It was so nice to have the family over, my brother and Aunt were there and enjoying our company as well. 

It was funny this weekend I noticed Quinn is trying to get away with more and more things.  I would tell her to put her snack on the table not the couch and noticed if I looked away she slowly tried to get it on the couch lol.  I also noticed at my parents house she had a cookie before dinner and noticed I saw her and she moved out of my sight! Haha it was sneaky but cute. 

The weekend again is just to short.  It’s hard on Sunday to drop her off it feels like I just got her.  Well Feb break is next week so I’m going to email her mom and see if I can have her my Sunday into Monday and have some extra time.  I we get to split her that week but with work it’s just to hard.  It would be really cool to finally have her on a Sunday night. 

When I dropped her off I was unbuckling her and started to cry.  She went “its okay Daddy I’ll see you tomorrow.” I just looked at her told her I won’t till Wednesday.  She rubbed my head and said it would be okay.  Sundays… Fuckin hate em’ some days…  How awful to drop your child off after a weekend and know is going to be days till you see them again for a few short hours, then knowing it will be a full week till you see them again.  I guess I’m just having a bad night…

All dressed up!  But we decided to stay in...

We made some dinner!

Chicken and cheese raps!

Uncle Kenny!

Hanging out with the birthday boy.

One of the shirts we got for Popi!

Here is everyone!

Happy Birthday!!!

Enjoy the Pics.

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