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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

IT To the Rescue!

Well the past several nights I was stuck...  My blog lost its comments section! Now in my job I do a little IT work but when it comes to my blog I trust my IT guy... "Rob"  We have been friends for since we were kids and he's done everything from advise, to tutoring math (I'm sorry I just don't like math).  He's also given me many wise words and has always just been around and we never lost touch.

Well when I started this blog I got a lot of good advise from lot's of people and Rob did a lot of work on it with me.  I spent a lot of time with him and showing him idea's and having him help re-write  some of the coding.  He is also helping me with the upgrade I am currently working on for the site.  Im in the mix of upgrading the site!  Which I'm working very hard on but still have more to go.  See Rob's blog his work is  really awesome.  But don't steel him, he's my IT!!!

So when my blog goes down or when I look to edit and change it, it's Rob to the Rescue!  Well after checking the site over and over I called upon him for help.  Long story short it was the coding...  You know all that back end stuff we know exist but can't read.  All those symbol's and letters, numbers and characters put together looking like somebody just hit their hands on the keyboard!

So long story short I thank you Rob in the IT Dept. of If the Juice is Worth The Squeeze.  You have saved my yet again!  So to everyone out there remember how thankful we need to be for the people that know computers and IT dept!!

Thank you so much my friend!!!

A big Thank You to all IT men and woman Around the Globe!!!

I hope everyone is well...

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