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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Winter Presses on...

It's Sunday and I finally got home.  I spent the weekend at my buddies house because I worked the weekend and it was easier on my gas tank.  Plus I love spending time with him.  There were a lot of people over and it was a lot of fun.

Tonight Hughey came over and we had dinner and just had watched a movie.  I work a few doubles this week and then i have Quinn, wed and next weekend...  As i continue to work on updating my Blog  and work for the new release i am getting excited.  I have lots more but i may release it early.  I have to get with my IT department.  (aka my buddy Rob)  But it is getting close.

I can't believe its still winter.  I don't really mind it I would like to turn my furnace off some day! Ohh well.  The long nights and days without Quinn have gotten easier but they are still hard.  For those of you with kids in break or divorce i hope you are all doing your best to keep pushing through.  It just doesn't seen fair when you pick them up and then done, the time is over...  UGH....

It just takes time my friends. Time and a lot of just deep thoughts.  I think a lot at work, how my little one is doing and what she is up to.  Lent is coming up.  Ash Wed is one of my favorite services.  I have Quinn so I get to bring her which is nice.  This weekend I'm not sure what we are up to.  I will let you know though.

Well until next time, I hope you are well if i know you or not remember I love you... and you are never alone...


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