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Monday, August 13, 2012

Better Post Late than never!

A few weekends ago I had Quinn for the weekend and we went to the East Rochester Carnival one more time!  We had a big crowd this time!  My Aunt was there, Hughey and my Parents! We started with dinner and a fish fry!  My Aunt took Hughey, Quinn and I then we were off!  We met up with my parents and went on some rides and had some good food.  My Dad and Aunt are from East Rochester so they ran into many friends, my aunt still lives there.  We had some funnel cake and danced into the night!

    We have family that is in a band, Me and the boys.  They were amazing!  What a great show they put on!  Quinn had so much fun just dancing around and chasing us.  The rest of that weekend we stayed low and just relaxed.  Hughey came over and we watched some movies and just stayed out of the sun.  It was a hot weekend and this summer has just been over all hot.  We hit over 90 deg 13 times!  Usually we only get about 9 of those days. I can't believe how fast the summer has gone by.

    I do have to admit my posting has been less than usual, I have been busy and working a lot and just between keeping the house in order and things with work I just haven't had time to jump on as much as i wanted.  I will be back on track soon and I am excited I have a lot of great post to come and the adventure is just starting...
Enjoy the Pics!


More Rides!!

There she goes!

The Swing

Here we are! I have no idea who or what Quinn is looking, she just loves turing for pictu

The band!

I asked my little one for a pose, she is cute..

Saturday we chilled with Hughey.

I hope everyones summer is going as well as ours!  I miss you all and can't wait to catch up!

Remember you are never alone...

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