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Thursday, August 30, 2012

A great weekend to relax and stay cool

     This weekend was HOT, HOT, HOT!!!  This past weekend I had Quinn and it was a hot one!  I picked up Quinn on friday and well if you remember my last post about Leaving Empty Handed well it did start off that way.  Quinn didn't want to come home with me.  Her Mom and I talked and tried to get some things set but Quinn just didn't want to go.  She gave me the idea of picking up Quinn tomorrow and doing breakfast and trying from there.  I thought about it and I guess here my next actions out...

    I liked the idea because if Quinn really wants one more night I would be willing to let her stay.  I then asked her Mom if I could keep her into Monday.  I figured if I loose a day it would be nice to have an extra one right?  Sunday to Monday isn't that bad I though.  She said no, and I was upset but hurt because I really wanted us to just have that relationship where we could do this.  November will be my second year in the house and I have been good, we have our share of fights I know but seeing my daughter so little how can I not get a little frustrated.  I love being a Dad, I try to be understanding but I really am trying to get to that great point of working together.  Where we can call each other babysit or she would ask if I wanted her more, but honestly its not like that at all.  We talked about that sure before the papers were signed but after.  All gone...  Sucks...  Some people get alone better than other Ex's I guess, well were not like hating each other at least.   Yet...  

     So we got a little heated yes, I just felt Sunday to Monday would be nothing that big.  So I told her I will take her now.  I don't know what else to say, I'm not loosing anymore time, I don't see her that much as is, forget it.  So I walked over to Quinn who hid behind her Mom and picked her up.  Her Mom felt bad I could tell as she said she couldn't protect her.  She didn't fight but she cried, when I got her in she said goodbye to her Mom but I could tell her Mom was upset, she didn't say much and we drove off.  Quinn was upset because she didn't to say good bye like before but when we got home Hughey was over and we just played with her and got dinner.  Within minutes she was back to her old self.    So we got some fish and relaxed on the couch and just hung out.  She really loves Hughey and he is so good with Quinn and Quinn just loves him so much.

     I don't know, I am new at this and I hope I'm not making my case or anything I guess I though we would work more together and I guess it probably won't happen.  I honestly don't know what will happen in the future.  I just try my best to listen and work with her mom and just try to see Quinn when I can.  I do love being a Dad so much.

    In the end I do feel bad I do, but she is only 4 and sometimes they don't know how important it is to go and spend time with both parents.  I have picked her up since this post and it now is going well.  I will post about that soon.  The next day we got up and had breakfast and just relaxed.  It was such a hot day we stayed cool with some fans and watched some TV, played games, puzzles and just stayed out of the sun.  The night we stopped over my aunts real quick for dinner and played at the park for a minute.  Sunday we did pretty much the same thing, it was in the high 80's and just humid.  We did end up going to the park in the morning before the sun came out and took a walk but we ended up just staying safe inside away from the heat.

    Over all the weekend was great, I'm learning as a single Dad, some days are better than others and I'm trying my hardest to just get through one day at a time.   Enjoy the pics!


Friday she was her self in minutes!

Here she is with Eve!

Hughey stopped over!

We stopped at the park after dinner.

Picked some pretty flowers too.

Hughey Hung out with us Saturday night to!

We played shopping on Sunday.

We also made some popcorn.

She is adorable!


  1. Good for you Christopher. I think you did the right thing. As much as we always try to accomodate our children, we still sometimes have to "be the boss" whether we are divorced or married. As you found out, she moved on and became "her usual self" in no time at all. In the end, it may turn out to be a good thing that her mom refused your original idea of having Quinn stay over another night if you didn't get to pick her up on the assigned night (which by the way I think is very petty of her unless she's got aheck of a good reason that you and I don't know about). Her refusal sort of forced you to make a tough decision, and you did! Good for you. That's just part of the deal when you'r a parent : ) Good post.

    1. Just keep in mind that this is a one sided story and is not told how things actually happened. You don't know who this guy really is and what has happened in the past or what's "really" going on right now. You are adding fuel to the fire. I'm done reading this blog because it's such BS. I know who this guy really is and he tries to paint a very different picture here.