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Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Weekend Update

     This past weekend was a cold and rainy one, but it didn't slow us down!  Friday after I picked up Quinn we went home and got Hughey to start HFM!  We went to the Nutcracker for dinner and were joined by my parents.  It was to have dinner with the 5 of us.  Every once and a while Hughey and i have special guest for our fish fry's.  We love going out and just having a nice dinner.  After dinner Hughey and Quinn and I went and got a movie.  I think there are about 1 or 2 blockbuster's left in the county and one is in my town haha.  So we got a movie and headed home.  The rest of the night we just hung in and relaxed.  Friday nights we usually just take it easy and relax from the busy week we had.

     Saturday I had my aunt watch Quinn because we had a funeral to attend to.  A post will come later, but a very near and dear friend from church passed away this past week.  After wards I picked her back up and we went to lunch with the family and friends.  My Mom, Quinn and I went and shared our memories of our lost friend.   Quinn did so good and just a joy to the people there.  She loves hugging everyone and she just brings such smiles to everyone around her.

     The rest of the day we just spend relaxing and keeping warm.  I forgot to mention friday when Hughey and i got home I went to turn on the furnace and the gas wasn't catching!  No heat!!  Well I do have electric heaters but I had to tell Quinn to bundle up it was gonna be a cuddle fest...  We made it and yes just so you know the furnace is good and fixed!  After dinner on Saturday we bundled up and just stayed in.  We went out and did some small shopping, we had to go to Home Depot and get a furnace filter, for my furnace that wasn't currently well, on... lol

     Sunday we got up and went to church and then had some breakfast with Aunt Ro and some of the family after.  Sunday we honestly just relaxed and I got the house cleaned.  She took a long nap and i got all my chores done!   We had some dinner and then headed home.  The weekend was nice and now that it's getting cold out we are getting ready to stay in and work on fun projects or just lay on the couch and watch a good movie.

     The only thing i forgot was I didn't take any pictures! Sorry readers,  I will make up for it don't worry!  As the week drives on I just have to get ready for our next adventure and keep going...

I hope all is well and always remember...

You are never alone...


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