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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday's Tip: Finding the Time

            Time has passed since I’ve been living on my own and I’ve tried to find the time to do things like clean, cook, workout and just live.  The biggest is cleaning, I used to clean at night or I would clean a part here and there.  Then I started cleaning Sunday nights after I dropped Quinn off at her Mom’s.  I did this for a while but then realized it was tiring and Sunday nights I love to just relax and prep for the week.  So I started some new times and different things. 

            Over time I started cleaning when Quinn would go down for her nap in the afternoon every other Sunday.  I found I would go out Friday with her and Saturday, and then when Sunday would come I would take the day to go to church and then spend the later part of the afternoon relaxing.  I have it down to a great science now.  After lunch I usually start vacuuming and get the down stairs done then work my way up.  When she goes down I usually dust, clean the bathrooms and the kitchen.  Usually when I’m done she is just about waking up and well personally I need a nap then! 

            This past Sunday I worked very hard, moving furniture and just over all deep cleaning.  Changing the beds sheets and did laundry.  Once the house was clean it smelled and looked so nice.  I try this about every two weeks and find it’s a good fit.  I grew up cleaning and my parents raised me cleaning so I’m very happy to live in a nice home I’m proud of.  Living clean is very important and the longer you put if off the harder and more difficult it can be.  I guess there is just something about sitting in my clean living room that makes me feel proud and excited to be a homeowner.

            So my advice is to find time to well do anything, clean, or cook, work out.  I like to clean just because I feel it’s a very important aspect of living.  Also I heard that people that clean and do things around the home live longer.  Something about moving around, keeping busy and active are healthy so get up and clean!  When is the big question…

            So I suggest finding some time when your child is sleeping or quietly playing to get some things done around the house that way you don’t have to do things late at night or early in the morning.  Once you find a time you like and works you will soon be on you’ll way to running you’re house hold with style and ease…  

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