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Monday, November 19, 2012

The Weekend Update!

     Well the weekend has come and gone and again I find my self on my couch thinking about the fun we had.    Hughey came over for a movie this past Friday and dinner.  We ate our fish and settled in for some TV.  Quinn is getting really good at going up to bed and not complaining.  She may grunt or put up a small fight, but she goes up.  She says her goodbye's and then I carry upstairs and brush our teeth. Then we read some books and listen to music as I rock her to sleep.  I have to say she is getting big, holding her in my rocking chair is getting difficult but ill never get up.  Rocking her still is one of my favorite things.  Taking the time to just hold my little girl and spend a few minutes to just to have her in my arms before she grows up.  I always rock her extra long because how of special our time is.

     The next day we all had breakfast and put our movie we got on.  We rented the Lorax.  It was so cute and Quinn loved it.  The story was about a boy that learns about the history of how they lost tree's.  I won't spoil it for you but in the end I was moved.  That day we took some time to do some coloring, playing with our toys and taking a good nap!  That night Hughey, my Mom and I took Quinn to our churches annual chili cook off.  We had so much fun!  I was on vestry when it started and am so excited that it's been over ten years and it is still going strong.  Quinn was so excited to see all the people, she was so excited to see Vicki our minister.  She loves to hug her and talk to her.

     After we stopped over to the back nice to see my work buddy Weaver!  Alicia has known Quinn from other work events and she was excited to see her.  Quinn is so cute she warms right up.  It was a restaurant and she was bar tending.  We hung out for a second and then went home.  Sunday Quinn and I relaxed and just took it easy.  We have a big week ahead of us and just relaxed.  Some days it's good to just catch up on relaxing...

Here we all are!

Weaves and the munch!

     With the weekend over and Thanksgiving coming up I'm real excited.  I hope everyone had a great weekend.


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