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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday s Tip: Always remember how loved you are…

                 This week I wanted to just let everyone know…  You are Special…  I know I have mentioned this in past post but there are days I just feel I work and clean and pay bills.  Then out of the blue for no reason Quinn will kiss my arm or hug me or just say “I love you daddy”.   Everything that is going on just melts away, when your child gives you that unconditional love and knows how busy and stressed you are is something else.  Quinn will tell me sit with her when she sees me working or cleaning up, she lays next to me and just tells me its okay and to just close my eyes.  It’s moments like this I know how loved I am, even though I only see her so often the love is there and strong.   
                As Quinn is growing up I can see she is starting to listen and help me out more.  Before I found myself picking up after her and now I just ask her to help me and she picks up her toys and we get the house cleaned.  When I cook she insist on sitting on the counter and helping me or just watching me.  Her interest show her love for me and that is something you just need to feel and see for yourself.  This amazing feeling of this little person taking interest in what you like, your hobbies, interest.   Remember they know nothing about the world so anything you do they will want to look at.   A child of divorce will grow up differently; they will have two homes to be raised in.  Life will be the same but they will have their own paths to follow.
                I want my readers to always know, being a parent, grandparent, sibling, aunt, uncle, cousin, guardian or even just a  friend, you are special.  You are loved and appreciated for all you do.  So keep doing good, keep helping the younger generations below because as you do they will help the ones below them.  Always remember good deeds will be remembered and then practiced…

Always remember,
You are never alone…

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