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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesdays Tip: Always appreciate the time you have…

                 Being a single father I’ve learned to adjust to being alone when I don’t have Quinn.  I’ve also realized that even if she is misbehaving you have to appreciate the time you have.  Once you drop your child back off the first few moments can be difficult.  You know you won’t see them till your next visit.   When I get home on Sundays I usually clean up the house and get my week ready by just doing laundry and getting my lunch ready.  I might work out or blog for the week as well.  I think about the things I got to enjoy with Quinn and think about what we can do next time we hang out.  The one thing however is when she is with me I take full advantage of our time.  There are times I have to put her in time out, she is 4, but I make sure we have family and alone time.  I will take her for a walk when it’s nice out or go to a park to play.  If the weather is bad we may just stay in and play with some puzzles or just watch a movie.  I sometimes have family watch her because I may have an event to go. 
                I found if the time goes to fast or you don’t appreciate it then when you drop your child off you will really feel empty, like the time you had was wasted.  Then you have all that time to not see your child and you have to think about it.  The time drags and just feels endless.   Quinn will do some of the cutest things when we are just hanging out like tell me she loves me out of the blue for no reason, or kiss my arm if we’re laying on the couch.  Yes, the weekends do go by fast, I can’t believe the one we just had is over!  I can’t wait to post about the weekend update we had, but for this tip I would say the following.
                Don’t blow off time with your child, if you have something you must attend then yes getting a sitter is okay your family would love to see her and that is fine.  However adjust things around your weekend with them so you share as much time together as you can. 
                Laugh and play and just have fun, you must enforce some rules yes, but for the most part just let her enjoy his/her youth.  Let them learn and grow.  Let them want to come back, give them a reason  because if you are not there, or you don’t give them any attention they will see this and not want to visit you when they get older. 
                Last, just do your best.  Be the best parent you can and your child will see this.  They will see how hard you are working and know you love them.

                 Always remember time doesn’t stand still for anyone, it will continue to keep moving forward so spend as much time with your kids as you can, one day they will grow up and want to spread their wings.  Always remember a child will always love their parents even if one or the other does wrong.  Just remember to them they are the love of your life…

Always remember…
You are never alone….

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