"Make sure that what you are doing and striving for is going to be worth any sacrifices you will have to make along the way. If it's a relationship, job, anything in life."

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Finally, a long weekend.

     So tomorrow I have a day off!  First one in a long time...  It's been a months since my new position at work and to finally just relax and have a long weekend.  After a while of working and not taking an extra day or two you can get tired and things just don't go well.  Everyone knows that vacation time is important so make sure you take it!  Take a day off here and there and just relax, sleep in.  Do anything you want and make it a long weekend!

     I as a single Dad I've gotten used to not seeing my little one every weekend so i've learned how to make weekends go buy without my little one.  I have a long weekend with Kay, we plan on having some lunch sleeping in, maybe even hitting the gym.  I know one thing I won't be doing...  Working!

     As I get ready for this weekend I hope everyone had a great day and stays warm.

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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