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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday's Tip Keeping up with the battle

     This weekend was like always, awesome with Quinn.  I still find my self having to battle her temper.  She is doing well but she sometimes still try's to set the stage and tell you how it's going to go. Saturday she was very upset and we had to sit in time out for a while.  We talked and come to find out sometimes she just gets upset because she misses me.  I told her I miss her a lot too and that we just gotta keep our cool.  I told her if she wants to see me more she has every right to and to ask her mom.

     Sunday she was have a moment when it came to sharing and with the combo of being tired, well she had a little fit...  Over time I have realize to just sit quietly and give her a few changes.  Then I bring her up to time out and let her cool down. I don't scare her or anything.  Just bring her up and tell her she can't come out till she's ready.  After some time she asked if she could come out I could tell she was cooling down.  She then finally was ready and I talked to her.  Explained that getting frustrated is a part of life but we have to relax.   Seeing her does remind me of my self sometimes how i grew up.  I admit I did get my parents to chase me around from time to time.

     As time goes on we just have to keep our cool and remember we have to go slow and remember they are only kids.  We have to just remain relaxed to show our children by example.  Of course there is always a time out session as well....

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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