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Monday, February 3, 2014

The Klondike as come and gone.

     This year's Boyscout Klondike was one to remember.  I have been helping since I was about 17 years old.  Sometimes when I look back to one of my first few I feel it was a life time ago.  We have traveled through many parks and I have now had kids go this year that weren't even born yet when i first started.  This year we all got together again, the weather was cold but it wasn't snowing.  I did the snowball throw and like so many years got it set up.  This year we did First Responders appreciation, we had fire fighters, police, EMT's and different groups of people that help us when we first need help.  They walked out and retired a flag, my Dad talked about what they do for us and a community, how they risk their lives and how some have given theirs.  He talked about the fire fighter and police that lost their lives on Christmas eve of 2012 and how tragic that was.

     We started the morning off and the kids then went to the events.  It was a good day, the kids kept busy and I was busy all day.  We broke for lunch and had some time to just relax and talk to leaders that I grew up with.  We talked about how scouts has changed and feel not as many kids are involved.  When I was growing up there were many strong troops.  Now there are troops merging to stay alive.  I do have to say the next few years will be critical.  I just hope it doesn't get all about politics, it should be about the cause and how when scouts started there was no money.  How often I feel when anything gets to big politics comes in and money as well.

     My brother did branding again as he has for so many years.  When the day wound down we ended up just having a great time.  I always love helping out for this event because it just always one of my favorite's, all the events the kids having fun and the scout spirit.  We ended by giving the awards and then the great sled race!  The kids had so much fun and they all did a great job.  We wrapped up and said our goodbye's as yet another Klondike as ended.  This one was very special because my Dad want's to retire from running them.  He has been running them for so long and now he wants to just step back and retire which I believe he should.  My future, well I guess I'll just see.  I have a whole year to figure things out.

I hope you all enjoy the pics!

Always remember,
You are never alone...  


The first responders walked out.

They retired a flag and spoke and had some nice words.

Our flag ceremony. 

My Dad talking about what they do for us.

Here I am at my desk!

Some of the other events!

Here is Kenny doing the branding event!

Other events were flag retirement.

Our annual picture!

The great race!

Here they go!

It was a great day and Klondike!  

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