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Monday, February 17, 2014

Getting caught up

     This past weekend I took some time with Kay to get caught up on cleaning up the house as well as seeing some friends.  With it still being cold out we cleaned up some old areas of the house and got to throw out a lot of stuff we didn't need anymore.  When it comes to cleaning it can be a pain yes but just keeping your home in order and not so cluttered is very important.  I found old papers, CD's and just stuff I don't use anymore so it was time to clean, dust and figure out to keep or toss. 

     Saturday we had some friends and my brother over, it was nice to catch up with some social calls as well.  Just getting together with friends can help fight the cold.  We can't wait for this winter to pass but don't let it keep you down!  We had some food and drinks and just played games.  It has been a while since I have seen some of them so catching up was due.  We also took some time this weekend to organize the house and get some much needed frames hung.  Different pictures of Quinn and friends and family up.  Looking around and seeing what things we can update or fix.  The good news is now with a little more cleaning to do we can enjoy the rest of the winter and relax. 

     With spring cleaning being further out we have some time to still enjoy just being inside with a good movie and warm blanket.  They do say winter has a few more weeks left so just try to push through.

I hope everyone is staying warm, watching some Olympics and just relaxing...

Always remember.
You are never alone...


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