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Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Weekend Update

     This past weekend we headed up north to visit Kayla's family.  Quinn was so excited because she couldn't wait to see everyone and she hasn't been up north in a long time.  We picked her up and headed out, Quinn was also excited because we usually stop for dinner and she gets to eat in the car.  Yes I know but for kids that's a big thing.  The drive wasn't to bad and we got there at a decent hour.  We were just excited to get there and settle in.

     The next day we were busy getting the house ready for one of Kayla's cousins graduated high school and we were having people over for dinner.  Of course the day was cool and rainy.  It rained all day until just about dinner, but the party was fun and everyone had a good time.  I can remember my high school graduation it rained all day as well.

     We all talked and joked and then had dinner.  After we had some cake and just relaxed.  It was fun just to see family and have that time with them.  Quinn had so much fun as well, we felt bad because it rained so much the pool was cold and all she wanted to do was swim.  We were so sad because she was so excited, we tried to go in but it was just to cold.  We played in the yard with Connor and had just as much fun.

     That night we settled in and just played some games, we let Quinn stay up a little later but was so good that weekend.  We got up on Sunday and just packed up and relaxed, it was a good weekend and we all had fun.  We ended up saying goodbye and we headed out.  Now back home ready for another week...

I hope everyone had a great weekend as well...

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...


Some afternoon fun

Connor and Quinn Rocking out!

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