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Monday, July 11, 2016

Tuesday's Tip (early): Get your free Slurpee!

Today's tip is early!

    Yes we finally made it! 7-11!  What a fun day, the day you can go get a free small Slurpee from your local 7-11, always check before you are stopped for steeling!  The website however says from 7:00 am today to 11:00 pm tonight (go fig) you can get a small Slurpee.

    So who doesn't enjoy a pastime favorite like a sweet Slurpee!  How many days go on throughout the year that we don't know of fun things like this.  With many different flavors the cool Slurpee will help any hot day!  Good thing its the summer this day happens and not January!  So has anyone ever taken advantage of this?  I honestly say I think I have once, in all the years I have known about this I went maybe once.  Guess I just keep forgetting.  Everyone loves the convince stores like 7-11 per their late night hours and snacks we all love at that time.  Face it, nobody looks for a salad to snack on around the late hours of the night.  We are looking for processed sugars and tran fats.

     The fact however that the company does this at all is really cool.  They take the day to celebrate and share with their customers a free gift.  One not every company does at all.  So even if they are a small size its still better than nothing.  These fun days throughout the year just make us smile and thank places like this to do this.  With everything going on in the world it honestly nice to just relax and sit down with a cool Slurpee.  I know the past several months even years have been seeming difficult with everything happening in the news.  I think even a small Slurpee can just let you wonder off and not have to think about the hardship.  Take the time to have one with a loved one, parent, child or friend!  Take your kids and enjoy a cool refreshing drink and enjoy the time you have with them.

     I hope everyone does have a great day, if you are reading this where there are no 7-11 stores I am sorry, if it makes you feel better I won't get one per I have to work a double tonight.  So anyone reading this that did get a free one please if anything enjoy it for me...

Here is a link if you wanted to read more.

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