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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Cooking Corner Is Almost Here!

     With all the equipment almost here we are just about ready to produce the trailer!  The site is ready and we are just waiting on some final equipment!  The past few weeks I have been nervous and excited to start this project.  Once the trailer is out we will start producing some video's and then then have a bunch so when we roll out in the fall we have some to fall back on per if its a busy week.  I plan on putting out a video or two a week.  If you are just joining me here is what I am doing!

    I am starting a food channel to help those who want to learn how to cook.  So whats different about me than others?  Well I want to cook food and use equipment that won't intimate you.  There are so many amazing food shows out there on TV or the internet and using some ideas of my own mixed with some I have seen I want to show you someone who works two jobs can still make some awesome meals, so if I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT!  I will be making a bit of everything from appetizers, dinners, desserts, breakfast, lunch and sides dishes.  I want to make fun easy dishes you can make, also show you some tips I have learned and seen my self.  On of my biggest projects is going to be my Mid Week Meals.  I have always found there is a day or two in everyone's week that is just so busy!  The leftovers are gone and payday isn't here yet.  You have a busy day and afterwards you play a sport or work out or have kids.  Either way you go home and nothing is ready or even thawed out!  So what do you do?  

     Well I want to show you some amazing meals you can make on the fly that need little prep and cook time.  As time goes on I want to expand and visit other kitchens as well as have guest over to show me some of their special meals!  I think cooking honestly is not that difficult and with some basic skills anyone can put a great meal together.  I always believed cooking should be fun and to have fun doing it.  I do work and have a basic kitchen so I want everyone to know you can cook, you don't need expensive equipment or have to make difficult time consuming meals.  Also I have some great meals that anyone with kids will love including some vegetable ones.  I am also doing this just because I do love to cook and teach, also having an electron cookbook online is nice too.  My blog will have everything I do so you can just go to that link and have everything there for you to follow along with the video as well.  

     I hope if you are reading this for the first time or if you are one of my followers you are excited as I am.  I will keep everyone posted soon and this should get moving once the final pieces come in the mail!  At the top you will notice the screenshot of my channel, it is all set just waiting to drop that trailer!  

I can't wait to get started...

Cooking should be FUN so have FUN doing it!       

Chef Christopher 


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