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Friday, July 15, 2016

The Cooking Corner Trailer!

     Hello all,
Thank you so much for all your support over the past few months as this project got started.  I wanted to say I hope you enjoy the trailer and stick with the soon to come videos!  They will start to drop early fall.  We are in production now and have to do some trial and error with some videos and things and I want to put a video up once a week if not twice a week in the beginning.

     If you are just reading this and joining in...  Well I was given the idea to start a cooking channel based off the page of my site.  I have taken the side down during construction but it will be back up in the fall!  I wanted to share not just my cooking tips and ideas but show you that there are many people that work full time with families and lots going on but can still put on a good meal.  There are a lot of great shows out there and I am happy to see all the differences with them.  I wanted to do something in between your basic 3 ingredients cooking show and your extreme ones with hard meals and expensive equipment.  I wanted to cook for everyone out there that works hard and then comes home to just more stuff.  The kids, sports, the gym, another job!  How many times do you ask your self or your family "What's For Dinner?"   More importantly how many times do you say or hear "I didn't take anything out".

     I want to make everyone feel they can cook and don't have to be intimated.  If you're single, dating, married, have a family or a single parent I want you! I want you to know you are not alone and I am here to help...  I want to show you fun and easy appetizers, breakfast, lunches, dinners, side dishes and even desserts.  Not my strong suite desserts...  I want to start a section called Midweek Meals.  Quick and easy meals you can put together on those dreaded days where you are so busy!  The leftovers are gone and its not quite payday yet!  So what do you do?  You tune in...

     I will be cooking from my kitchen using just the basic things a regular person that works hard has.  I want to show you tips others don't, but most important I have learned so much and after a few meals I wasn't sure I could ever do I made them and felt a joy.  An accomplishment of no other and I want you to have that.  I work two jobs, my wife works two jobs she is also my camera woman and IT desk...  My point is we work hard and sometimes watching shows where the cook online or on TV's job is just that you start to say, "yea ok well I work so I can't make that."  I want to show you I work and yea it sucks but we can make awesome foods together!

     I may have to stay up late to get video's out but I will!  I will listen to the comments/emails and see what I can do to help.  I want to do the best I can to make meals you will like and ones you send me.  Once we get moving I want to have special guest and go to other kitchens!  Maybe one day I'll be in yours!

     Either way I am here for you and I want to let you know, you are not alone and I hope you stick with me.  I will be posting weekly come Fall and will not drop off.  I won't also be bugging my viewers to subscribe or like or share but once just here I will!  If you like it leave a like if not hit the other button, subscribe to see future videos!  Once I start posting a link to my blog for all the info on that meal will be there.  An online cook book, i know in the beginning it wont be full but I took a lot of meals off to work on the videos for them so just stick with me!

     I will end by saying I hope you stick with me, a brand new channel!  Just think you are getting front row seating!  If you start now you won't have to binge watch!

Here is some info:
YouTube Site
Cooking Corner G+
(I will have updates on my Parenting 365 G+site as well...)

I will do the best I can and I will do it for you... 

Always Remember...Cooking should be FUN, so have FUN doing it!!
Trailer is below!

Chef Christopher 

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