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Friday, September 23, 2016

Spelling Test!

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So Quinn has started 2nd grade this year!  With that comes so much more and newer responsibility!  This year they start spelling test.  They gave us a sheet of all the words and bonus words and when they will have the test.  Quinn had her first one last week, we will find out how she did next week when we have her.  We are so excited because last weekend she was studying and getting ready buy writing them out.  She did really good, she was able to spell them all with out help!

     I can remember growing up and the spelling test we had to take.  How nerve wracking they were!  I think the spelling test is one of the first a child will really take.  I told her how important spelling is and she doesn't want to end up like Dad!  I can't spell that well at all, thank you spell check on our computers!  However still a very important skill to know.  You have to know how to spell in life or you can't write and it won't look good.  Spelling is something we all have to learn and just get better at.

    Over the next few months her words will get harder however she will adapt and learn.  This year is going to be harder than 1st grade and she will have to work at it.  A few words at a time however and we will get there.

     For all my readers!  I hope your school year is going well and remember how important homework is, also how important spelling is!  Take time to learn how to spell.  I know we are spoiled with computers and all the technology given to us but we still need those basic fundamentals like spelling and reading.  An education is so very important so keep your kids learning and spelling.

Who knows, maybe someday they will become a big Blogger!

I will let you know how she did next week!

Have a great weekend!

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