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Sunday, September 18, 2016

October Fest!

     Last night was our annual trip to the October Fest here in town.  We have been going for years now and Quinn just loves it.  My parents came with us along with some friends.  Every year we go to enjoy the food, music and just the German experience.  My Mom's side was German and taking it in school led me to a tip with my German class to have an exchange student then go over and see the country.  It was amazing to say the least.

     So every fall we go for a few hours to the festival here in town and just have fun.  Quinn loves the food and we do some dancing.  Festivals like this allow us to see other cultures and experience their food, music and games.  They setup a big tent and have a stage and lots of vendors inside.  They really do a good job with everything and yes you do pay to get in and the food is a bit pricey but what are you gonna do right?

     So we got a table and our food and just hung out eating and having a good time.  We listened to the music and talked.  After we got up to do some dancing.  Quinn really loved it!  She loved to dance and just have fun.  After dancing we saw some of the games they do and then had some dessert!  We headed home.  Quinn was tired but we let her stay up  a touch later per this was a special event.  We pretty much all went to bed after that per we were all so tired.

     I hope everyone enjoyed this post but also I hope if there are festivals by your town you check them out because its really nice to see what other cultures do and how they live.  Check out different events the come to town.  Have a great rest of your weekend!

We hope you enjoy the pics!

We got seated and had some dinner!
Here was the band!

We did some dancing!

Quinn with Oma and Popi

Here we are!

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