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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Getting back in the School Year!

     So with this week now pretty much starting off school I hope everyone's year is going well!  I hope the nerves are calming down and the excitement is rising.  So with Quinn now in 2nd grade I have a few tips I might be able to help!  I also always take pointers too!

     So I didn't have time to put out tips out before school but I hope by now everyone has their school supplies! So now that school has started here are some tips for you and them!

1)  Make sure you keep asking your kids how their first few days of school are and if they know any one from last year or met new friends yet!

2)  Make sure you are starting homework and getting into the routine of getting it done!

3)  When the school info comes out make sure to look it over and save all the important dates.

4)  When the things like fundraisers and classroom meetings.

5)  Take time to sit with your kids and get ready for homework.  Remember its been a while since you have done this!

6)  Getting up early is something you need to get back into swing of.  Making lunches, breakfast all this fun stuff we didn't have to worry about summertime.

7)  For your sake as well make sure you are leaving early to for work!  Your commute will be longer so remember this.

8)  Also remember someone needs to get the kids on and off the bus!

9)  Be excited about this year and motivate your kids to have fun and work hard.  Education was so important.  Remind them how fun school can be and they should be having fun learning, meeting new friends and just enjoying the time there!  After school is over its work work work!

I know this tip was short and sweet but this week is so important.  Parents and kids are both nervous so I hope you take the time to get back into the swing of things.  Have a great first few weeks of school and get ready because fall is pretty much here!

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...

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