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Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Day in the Pumpkin Patch!

  The past weekend before this one, we took Quinn out to get a Pumpkin!  We take this weekend to also get Quinn her Halloween outfit.  So Friday we went to get Quinn and picked her up from school because it was the annual fund raiser there.  The Hoe Down, they call it one big night.  Kayla, I and Connor who was visiting went and picked her up.  We walked around and saw some of the fun things they have.  The kids love this night because the school is filled with events and food and friends.

     After Quinn ate we headed home and got ready for Saturdays big day of fun events.  We got up and had breakfast Saturday.  After we got cleaned up we headed out to a local farm market and looked around.  We went through the fun activities and then picked some pumpkins.  We took a look around inside and got some goodies!  After we headed over to get a custom for Quinn, sorry have to wait till next weekend to see it!  She did find a great one lets just say that.  After we headed home and carved up Quinns pumpkin.  She did a great job! We watched some scary movies then headed over to a friends house for dinner.

     The night was fun and one of my favorites because of things we do.  Sunday we got up and went to church.  Kayla had to work which stunk but a little time with Quinn was cool.  We cleaned the house up and got ready for Kayla to come home.  The weekend was fun and honestly it went fast like they always do.  I hope everyone has had some time to get some of the fun events done for Halloween.  Have you picked your pumpkin yet?

We hope you enjoy the pictures.  Also note I haven't blogged as much because honestly I just wanted to live, I still take pictures and maybe will post them differently or on G+ so if your on that check us out!  I took sometime this year to just realize I wanted to enjoy my time with Quinn and my family and not always have to rush a post.  So you know, spend time with your family not just in front of a computer.

Hope you enjoy the pics!

Look at all the Pumpkins!

Kayla and Quinn!

Is that what your going as Connor?

Hey they are cleaning the Pumpkin out!

Time to carve it up!

Fun scary face to show it off!

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...


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