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Monday, October 3, 2016

Happy Birthday Quinn!

     This Saturday was Quinn's Birthday!  Quinn turned 8 this weekend! This being the first year since the divorce I had her on our weekend it was very special!  Friday we hung in and made some dinner, Aunt Ro came over and spend some time with us per she wasn't going to see her Saturday.  She got to have dinner with us and then give some gift!

     Saturday we got up and I made a special breakfast for us, we all had homemade french toast!  The day went on and we just cleaned up a bit and got ready for the party.  Before the party we ended up giving Quinn her gifts from us and just spend some time with her.  When everyone started arriving we got some food ready and just spend the time hanging out and talking.  We got dinner set and we just ate and had fun.  Talking to Quinn about her school, how things were going and just enjoying her company.  After we celebrated with her cake and then did presents!  She had a great time just opening her gifts and seeing what everyone got her!  She got a lot of new cloths, coloring items and some toys she wanted.

     After people started to head out and we had the joy of cleaning up!  As Quinn gets older I look back and see how far we have come.  Each birthday is so special and I can't believe how fast the come and go.  To all my fellow parents/single parents make sure you just have fun with the child on their day.

     We have pictures but I am having an issue getting them on the computer from my phone of course! So this week I will move them over to them.  Check this post later this week!

Thank you all and Happy Birthday my little one!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


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